Frequently Asked Questions

Read FAQs below to know more in detail about Engineer Job Network.

You can’t rely on Free service. Free services are normal & for common audience. It’s for everyone and that’s why it gives only average results.
You can rely on Paid service. Paid service are unique & customised according to your needs & requirements. It’s for you only and that’s why it gives you best results.

Here on Engineer Job Network your Joining Fee is required for:

(i) Your Complete Verification Process for getting Direct Job openings from Recruiters & getting Referred by MNC Employees directly.

(ii) Your Resume BarCode Creation which are required for attending Interviews.

(iii) Your Hiring process becomes Easier & Faster due to your already Verified Details & Resume BarCode.

Joining Fee is a one time payment.
You don’t have to pay any other fee/charge after getting Hired through Engineer Job Network.

We have Refund Policy advantage for all SECURE Option joiners.

Means, if you don’t get our services as mentioned & promised i.e Unadvertised Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals for your Profile in your Job location within your Service period for Interviews then you can claim for refund after completion of your service period.

If you don’t like it, ask for refund.
It’s as simple as that.

After paying the Joining Fee you will be provided Engineer Job Network Joining Form to fill. You have to fill all your Joining details and Job preferences in that.

Based on your details and preferences filled in your Joining Form, our team will connect you to Engineer Job Network so that you can start getting Direct Job openings & MNC referrals for Interviews as per your profile, experience level, city, etc.

After getting connected to Engineer Job Network you will get Joining Confirmation Message from our team on your WhatsApp.
And from next day onwards of your joining Engineer Job Network you will start receiving all our services on your WhatsApp.

You will be guided step by step throughout the joining process by Engineer Job Network Team.

Yes, you will keep getting Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals for Interviews even after getting hired through Engineer Job Network till the completion of your service period.

We want you to have more job offers so that you can choose the best one to join.

The number of Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals you will get depends on the Joining Option (SECURE / BASIC) you choose to join on Engineer Job Network.

Eg. SECURE Option Joiners receives Direct Job Openings & MNC Referrals mostly on alternate days.

Means you can expect to get approx. 15+ Openings & Referrals each month throughout your service period.

You will get all Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals based on your Joining details & Preferences which you will fill in the Joining Form while joining Engineer Job Network.
So fill Job profile, Job location and other choices in your Joining form according to your needs & requirements.

You will get Joining form to fill here on our website after paying your Engineer Job Network Joining Fee.

Interview rounds depends upon the companies in which you will be attending Interviews. Some companies can go with few rounds while some can go with direct face to face Interview only.

Most of the opportunities which you will receive here on Engineer Job Network will be Direct Job openings & MNC Referrals so mostly face to face Interviews will be conducted once you get selected by the Recruiters. 

You will get to know all these things step by step once you are connected to Engineer Job Network.

It all depends on the candidate’s knowledge, skill & his/her performance in the interviews.
Many candidates take 1 week while some take 1 month, even few take 3 months to get hired.

We are here to provide you with lots of best opportunities which you can’t find online & misses it completely.
So give your best in Interviews & take the best advantage from it to get Hired.

* No Job portal or Job consultancy provides Unadvertised Direct Job Openings to you directly from the Recruiters on WhatsApp like Engineer Job Network.

* No Job portal or Job consultancy provides Best Quality MNC Referrals to you directly from the MNC employees like Engineer Job Network.

* No Job portal or Job consultancy connects you directly with the Recruiters/Employers & MNC Employees like Engineer Job Network to help you get benefitted throughout your Career.

* No Job portal or Job consultancy provides 24*7 WhatsApp chat support like Engineer Job Network to solve any kind of issue faced by you to get Hired fast.

WhatsApp is the most effective & fastest way to be connected in today’s time.
Through WhatsApp, you will be connected 24/7 to Engineer Job Network Team & so you won’t miss any good job opportunity ever.